Brooklands Airline Carrier

You can sit back, relax and enjoy your trip knowing your pet is safe in their Brooklands airline carrier. It is a plastic carrier that meets air cargo requirements. It features wingnut fasteners for safety, an easy to use door and a moat in the floor which catches liquid to keep the animal dry. It comes with a water dish included. Carriers are lightweight: S & M carrier weighs 3kgs. L carrier weighs 5kgs. XL carrier weighs 7kgs.

Key Benefits:

  • Airline approved.
  • Wing nut fasteners for safety.
  • Easy to use door catch.
  • Moat in floor catches liquid to keep animal dry.
  • Water dish included.
  • Suitable for use when crate training.
  • Also great for use in all types of travel from airplane travel to car travel. Made Specifically For: Transporting your pet Please note Airline regulations require your pet to be able to sit, stand up and turn around in their crate.

Large & Extra Large Sizes are available in store only