When it comes to pleasing your beloved kitty, you can’t go wrong with a unique spin on a cat furniture classic! The stunning design of this vertical cat scratching post features a mix of sisal, carpet, and rubber massager – every feline’s favorite materials! Cats young and old will enjoy hours and hours of fun from top to bottom, starting at the wide square base, where there’s a spot to add the included pair of teasing toys that will keep kitty occupied before they tackle the versatile scratching post.

At the bottom of the post is a welcome rubber massager, every cat’s favorite way to clean their face and get some quick relief. In the middle is a carpeted section that’s great for scratching and rubbing against. The top third of the scratching post is a sisal scratching mat that helps kitty use their stretching expertise as they get a cool claw workout. With a trio of features like these, your cat will definitely give their new scratching post four paws up!

Features & Benefits

  • Size: 15″L x 15″W x 28″H
  • MDF base ensures the stability of the scratching post
  • A unique design combining 2 different scratching surfaces (sisal and carpet) with a rubber massager for your cats’ entertainment
  • Two hanging balls for extra cat’s fun
  • Simple assembly required. No more than 10 minutes
  • Modern cat scratching post that will provide hours of fun for your feline friends