Looking to help your dog ditch the itch? Wish there was a quality, groomer-grade dog shampoo available for at-home use? At last, Hartz Groomer’s Best PROFESSIONALS Itch Soothing Dog Grooming Shampoo is here. This dog shampoo hydrates sensitive, dry skin, while locking in moisture to calm skin. This quick soothing and gentle dog grooming shampoo includes Honey Extract and Aloe to help protect and soothe sensitive skin, while keeping your dog smelling fresh with a Vanilla Coconut scent.

Not having any added sulfates, parabens, alcohol, or dyes, this premium dog grooming shampoo cleanses your dog’s coat, leaving your pal soft, clean, and shiny. This sudsy and fragranced dog shampoo is suitable for dogs of all ages and fur lengths. With Groomer’s Best PROFESSIONALS Itch Soothing Dog Grooming Shampoo, get the professional groomer & pet salon experience from the comfort of your own home, leaving your dog looking good and feeling fresh.