Ergonomic perfection and communicative design with the main emphasis on safety and comfort for your dog. The technical and optical perfection of a unique success product for the active service and family dog as well as for the day to day use of people and their dogs. Perfect is just not good enough for us!

The IDC® Powerharness has an innovative design with a sporty appearance. Featuring a breathable, skin friendly inner lining; customisable and removable labels, reflective chest strap and edge protection for safety; side bags fixing option; fixed handles; flashlight holders and a 6mm INOX ring.

The IDC® Power Harnesses have been quality tested according to European Union standards. Simply put, this is the best Dog Harness available.

The Julius K9 IDC®Powerharness is the dog harness for bustling days, early morning walks, and getting around safely. It is a harness you can fit in one move and count on when you need it.

It’s chest strap is parallel to the leash in your hand; therefore, it can transmit the power arriving from you in the most efficient manner. This means that you can hold back or stop your dog when you need to with less effort. The wide chest strap and the optional chest pad help distribute the power over the chest for the proper comfort of your pet.

The handle atop the harness allows you to control your dog with confidence – to stop her or guide her moves on the streets, up or down the steps, or when getting out of the car.

Did you know? The main users of JULIUS-K9® products early on, were primarily police service dog units, military units and canine associations.


Baby 2- Girth 33-45cm. 2-5kg Dogs

Mini-Mini- Girth 40-53cm. 4-7kg Dogs

Mini- Girth 49-67cm. 7-15kg Dogs

Size 0- Girth 58-76cm. 14-25kg Dogs

Size 1- Girth 63-85cm. 23-30kg Dogs

Size 2- Girth 71-96cm. 28-40kg Dogs