Created for dogs of all ages and breeds from wholesome, nutritious ingredients, all selected to help your dog thrive. Giving your dog the very best has never been this easy!

Each of Phoenix’s recipes contains non-genetically modified ingredients – and Phoenix is grain free, which is great news for your dog’s digestive health. As for the taste, there’s also plenty of meat protein, which is sure to keep your dog’s tail wagging…and their bowls empty.

Made in Australia
Dry food, suitable for dogs of all breeds and life stages
Grain free recipe, made from non-genetically modified ingredients
Prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes help keep your dog’s digestive system healthy
DHA and fatty acids keep your dog’s memory and cognitive function sharp
Phoenix’s Ocean Fish and Barramundi recipe is the first Australian dog food made with whole fresh barramundi, and contains fish oil for a shiny coat and healthy skin. It’s suitable for all dogs, but it’s especially good for dogs with skin sensitivities
Phoenix dry food is new to Habitat and we’re already big fans! It’s available in two sizes and four recipes. Click here to take a look at the rest of the range.

Available in 3kg and 13kg.