We combined this delicious selection of herbs and flowers with Timothy Hay to create this tasty treat that looks as good as it smells. Small animals cannot resist the taste and as they chow down you know they’re getting an enriching high fibre feed.

Timothy Hay, the main ingredient in these Timothy Cakes, is a sweet-smelling and nutritious grass loaded with health benefits that small animals love. Use as a hay supplement or top-up treat for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas and watch them devour an enriching treat at the same time as wearing down those fast-growing teeth.

– High in fibre, delivers essential nourishment for small animals

– Convenient, compact, and Eco-friendly packaging

– Small size cakes ensure hay is eaten rather than soiled

– An easy way to help keep teeth worn down

Feeding guide: 

Use to encourage fibre consumption’s.  Can be fed as a treat or as an alternative hay supplement.


Floral Fusion – Timothy Hay (chopped), mint, parsley, calendula flowers, rose petals, edible binding agent.

3 treats per box,